Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sunday Football Returns With a Bang

Week 1 2014 NFL features some enticing early action, and naturally it has to involve Peyton Manning, right? Even more tasty is the extra sauce given Manning’s Broncos are opening the season against his former team, the Colts. Beyond the obviously sentimental story line, we should see some explosive on-field play. Both of these offenses can score and they should put on a show for us tonight!

A salient talking point for the game is the absence of Denver slot receiver Wes Welker. The diminutive target was suspended four games for using amphetamines last week (Breaking Bad Wes?), and while it’s looking likely a new drug agreement will be reached, cutting his suspension, he’s almost certain to miss tonight’s game. Even so, the Denver offense starts and ends with Peyton; he’s a master tactician at the line of scrimmage and sets up the offense to succeed on every down. Welker's absence may limit the Broncos from taking advantage of a few match-ups in the passing game, but even without the former Patriot, the Broncos have one of the best supporting casts in the league.

Beyond the Welker headline, All-Pro receiver Demaryius Thomas and Pro-Bowl tight end Julius Thomas return to the fold for Denver, and the NCAA’s all-time touchdown leader Montee Ball will have a bigger role in the running game in 2014. Gone is receiver Eric Decker, but new faces Emmanuel Sanders and Cody Latimer have been dubbed “stars” in training camp and should have significant roles with Welker sidelined. Suffice it to say, the Broncos should have no trouble keeping up with their blistering scoring prowess of last season.

For the Colts, it’s all about their franchise QB, Andrew Luck. Despite having a sieve of an offensive line, and a below average defense each of his first two years in the league, Luck has managed to drag Indianapolis to the playoffs. It may have something to do with a weak division and conference overall, but we’re not taking anything away from the Stanford alum. He’s already the league’s next big thing at age 24, but now he needs a team around him to take the next step.

Unfortunately for Colts fans that leap will likely not come tonight. The Colts will predictably attempt to take some air out of the game by running the ball early. But, with an sketchy offensive line against a stout, upgraded Denver defense, that game-plan will fail the Colts. On the other side, the Colt defense just isn’t talented enough to slow Peyton, so the game falls on Luck to keep his team close.
Our call: the Broncos firepower will prove too much.

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